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Devlight Become Partner with Tailor Brands

The leading indicator and success of the company for us is the team and the clients we support. 

Tailor Brands is the world’s first AI-powered logo design and branding platform. They empower millions of people worldwide to kick start their business with easy-to-use branding and design tools. Nowadays, the company crossed 30 million businesses using the platform.

The Tailor Brands subscription doesn’t just include the logo they design for you, but also other things that a new business might need, like business cards, a landing page, presentations, decks with your logo and brand, and even social media posts that you can send out to your handful of followers. The idea is to offer up all the services a new business might need in front of people who are creating their logo, which usually signals the beginning of a new business – or the end of a great idea that never gets executed upon.

Also, we want to congratulate Tailor Brands on an investment of $50 million in Series C funding from GoDaddy.

Devlight worked with Tailor Brands on digital strategy, UI/UX development, iOS app development and ongoing support.

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