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Transforming User Experience: Devlight Sets the Standard in Mobile App Development

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Inception Story In-House Business Model How Devlight Stands Out? Industries Served & Clients Ratio Services Provided To Clients Client Satisfaction & Client Retention Ratio Support Offered To Clients Monthly Billing Structure The Future of Devlight

A leading mobile app development company – Devlight is dedicated to creating world-class mobile apps for world businesses. The CEO, Ihor Polych, pioneered the venture making it one of the most sought-after mobile app development companies in Ukraine.

GoodFirms – the world’s leading review and rating firm – exclusively interviewed Ihor Polych, the CEO of Devlight, to learn more about its incredible services.

Inception Story

Ihor Polych is the CEO of Devlight, a mobile app development company. Established in 2016, with the goal of making a positive impact on the world through technology. Its team size has grown to over 75 talented professionals.

The Ukraine-based company specializes in mobile app development, focusing on creating unique experiences for users. In just four years, it has become a leader in the Ukrainian market, with over 100 successful projects and more than 35 million app downloads.

Moreover, the CEO of Devlight, Ihor Polych, discussed his roles and responsibilities as the CEO. He said, “My role involves overseeing the company’s strategic direction, ensuring exceptional service delivery, and fostering a culture of excellence within our organization.”

In-House Business Model

Devlight follows an in-house business model by hiring highly skilled professionals.

The company’s aspirations are connected to work and providing tools and practices for their clients and partners to fully develop their potential.

How Devlight Stands Out?

The CEO thinks that the company differentiates itself from the competition with its client-centered approach and vast experience in developing large-scale mobile projects. Companies focus on quality user experience and selecting the right solutions.

“We know our clients well and work closely with them to deliver the best possible product. Our commitment to professionalism and company culture helps us sustain our competitive advantage in the long run,” said Ihor Polych, the CEO of Devlight.

Industries Served & Clients Ratio

Devlight caters to diverse industry sectors such as retail, e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, logistics, and loyalty programs.

The CEO said, “Our clients range from large banks to national and global industry leaders. Over 70% of Devlight’s clients are repetitive, which reflects the company’s commitment to providing high-quality development services and building long-lasting relationships with their clients.”

Services Provided To Clients

Devlight is approached by clients for a variety of services that they excel in. Their most sought-after services are:

  • End-to-end mobile application development
  • Software Project Discovery
  • UI/UX design
  • Project Transferring

These services are backed by their deep domain expertise and positive client experiences, making Devlight a trusted choice for businesses seeking complex and innovative tech solutions.

Client Satisfaction & Client Retention Ratio

The team at Devlight constantly interviews its clients at different stages of production to ensure they meet their client’s needs and requirements.

The CEO said, “More than 70% of our new customers come to us through our previous or current clients’ referrals, which is a testament to the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.”

Support Offered To Clients

Devlight offers a robust support system for its clients’ queries and issues. The CEO pointed out the key features of their support system, such as:

With this support system, the company ensures prompt assistance, effective communication, and a systematic approach to address its client needs throughout the project and beyond.

Monthly Billing Structure

Devlight’s payment structure is typically based on a monthly billing system. It provides detailed reports and invoices at the beginning of each month based on the time spent on the project. This allows for transparency and clarity in the billing process. 

On the minimum budget, the CEO said, “We don’t have a fixed minimum budget requirement for projects. Instead, we analyze the functionality and requirements of each project and offer different implementation options.”

In 2022, Devlight’s minimum project size had a price range starting from $25,000 and going up to $1 million.

The Future of Devlight 

While concluding the interview, the CEO, Ihor Polych, shared his understanding of how he sees the growth of Devlight in the next ten years.

“Our goal is to become the top mobile development company in the world, with a full product development cycle and offices in key locations such as the USA and UK,” Ihor said.

“We hope to continue to expand our team and reach 400 employees and to have achieved 100 million app downloads across all of our projects,” he concluded.

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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