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Advanced Mobile App Ideas to Develop in 2023: Startup Early Stage Tips from Devlight

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Modern Mobile App Ideas: Trends and Statistics Brilliant App Ideas for Startups Business App Ideas Education App Ideas Finance App Ideas Food App Ideas Mental Health & Fitness App Ideas Lifestyle App Ideas Healthcare App Ideas Photo & Video App Ideas Productivity App Ideas Shopping App Ideas Social Networking App Ideas Travel App Ideas Utility App Ideas Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile App Ideas Development Test Your App Idea With an Expert App Development Company [Devlight’s Case] App Ideas for Your Startup in 2023: Summary

Any startup begins with an idea. Coming up with a product is a key task for a business but make sure your simple app ideas for beginners stay in tune with the market trends. If the market shows no demand for the app, neither high-quality development nor persistent advertising will save you from failure. In choosing an idea for an application, you can rely on analytics. Let’s see how the mobile app industry has developed recently and what products may be relevant in 2023.

Modern Mobile App Ideas: Trends and Statistics

According to App Annie, the most popular apps worldwide are major social networks and instant messengers: TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, and Whatsapp. The top 10 most downloaded and most used apps worldwide include Spotify, Zoom, and Netflix. 

2022 trends in mobile application development include augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and superapps — applications that combine many functions at once.

The following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Working for the US and Japanese markets is profitable — users spend the most money on mobile applications in these countries.
  • The most popular applications are instant messengers and social networks. Also popular are music and video services, food delivery services, and online shopping applications.
  • Pay attention to superapps, electronic wallets, and e-commerce applications if you want to develop a highly-demanded app.

Market statistics clearly show that mobile applications are one of the most profitable niches for development and investment:

  • Research shows that there are 80+ apps installed on the average smartphone. But with that said, people aren’t using all of those apps.
  • Smartphone users spend on apps about 2 hours and 15 minutes. 
  • By 2022, consumer spending in app stores worldwide will increase by 92%.
  • App users spend 77% of their time on the top three apps and the rest on ten others.
  • 87% of users check their phone an hour before bed, and 69% check their phone 5 minutes before bed.
  • 75% of apps are only opened once and never used again.
  • On average, the Google Play Store releases 100,000 new Android apps each month, three times more than the Apple App Store.
  • In the first half of 2021, the number of downloads of various applications in the Apple App Store and Google Play reached 72.5 billion.

Thousands of projects are already released to the market daily, and this number will only grow. So how to participate in this competition? Not only do everything better and faster but more interesting! And if you feel intimidated, start by choosing an idea from the list below.

Brilliant App Ideas for Startups

The relevance of mobile traffic is growing every year, which is the reason for the increased hype for creating mobile applications. Ideas for mobile applications in 2023 are specific because noticeable trends dictate them. This approach means you have an increased chance of success if you combine these trends with the market demand. Please choose the one that sunk into your head the most, and remember: you need to implement it better than competitors did.

Business App Ideas

  • Restaurant POS Application

This application is best monetized by charging a commission from the restaurant or store where the user makes a purchase. An alternative option is a low-cost paid subscription: if people regularly use the mobile application and find the best prices, their benefits will outweigh the payment. But there is no point in introducing this right away — first, users must realize the product’s value.

  • Bike Servicing App

You can create an on-demand bike service app and collaborate with a wide selection of bike service centers well categorized based on locations. Users should be able to fulfill the requirements they want to get on their bikes and submit their requests. The bike service shop will accept the user’s request and pick up and drop off the bike at the owner’s door. 

  • Goods-Transporter (Logistics) App

The download rate and review are highly important in this case. It would help if you started by creating a stable network of roads, business owners, private entities, and companies who may be interested in parcel delivery. Then, arrange them all into a single net and start delivering goods. 

  • Home Security App

An application that records and stores all interactions with your home appliances (if they are smart) and stays on guard of the security system will be in high demand. The smartphone should automatically solve the problem if someone tries to break into your home by sending a notice to the police and locking the doors in case it can be done remotely. 

  • On-Demand Fuel-Delivery App

Every car owner is familiar with the problem of running out of fuel at the most inconvenient time and place. What if you offer people fuel delivery service to any point in the city or suburbs? This solution will also save time for those far from the gas station.

  • Restaurant Reservation Or Booking App

In today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to wait outside a restaurant to eat their favorite meal. Offer people a mobile app that will help them book a table at a restaurant on a specific day and time without draining calls and talking to the manager. You can hire developers to make the app more interesting by adding new features. Integrate customer reviews, restaurant ratings, menu and meal images, or a restaurant panorama to help users choose.

  • On-Demand Car Wash App

Show the maximum number of car wash spots, allowing the user to compare time frames and prices. You can organize this using filters: the user roughly indicates what they need, and the application gives out the most profitable options.

  • All-In-One Help App

Where to find the right consultants for a particular situation, experts for articles, lectures, and lessons, and specialists for collaborations? A networking application can be a solution. Add filters to sort help by areas of activity, cities, and level of expertise.

  • Consumer Guidance App

Applying for a refund or repair on warranty will become easier if you create the app to automate the process. Add fields for checking the warranty number of goods, discovering what are the rights of the particular company’s customer, or finding out how to behave if the service provider refuses to consider the complaint.

  • Freelancing App

Freelance exchange platforms have been popular with netizens since the invention of the Internet. Unite those who seek outsourced talents for occasional projects and freelancers ready to cooperate. The most popular freelance fields include design, copywriting, editing, programming, and academic help.

  • An Online Virtual Assistant App

Let’s say you lost your ID at your hotel and don’t know what to do now. The app will help you provide solutions like authority and police information. Instantly request another ID, direct you to the ID help center, or even log into the desktop. These apps work wonders for real-time problem-solving.

  • On-Demand Pet Care App

Caring for animals will finally become easier with such apps. Creating an app dedicated to pet owners is a smart idea. Does your small family member seem to feel unwell? Receive their health report in minutes by sharing photos and details with a veterinarian. The solution will be provided in the nearest time possible, and the clinic will send the doctor to your house if needed. Taking care of your adorable four-legged friend will no longer be a problem.

  • Online Food Delivery App

The main function of the food and beverage delivery app is to allow users to buy delicious food from the comfort of their homes. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the growth of food delivery apps and made them a more profitable business. Start by integrating local restaurants of the city where you plan to launch the app into a single net and cooperate with the delivery people.

  • Real-Estate App

Renting or buying an apartment should not be a thing bound to draining endless talks with dozens of real estate agents. Create an app uniting estate agencies and those interested in moving into a new apartment to ease the process. Add filters, AI simulation, and interactive maps to make the app more exciting.

  • Grocery Delivery App

There are quite a few apps for delivering food from stores — and, judging by the statistics, they are popular. But they all work with different establishments, and each has different prices. Sometimes, the user must download ten applications to choose the best delivery option. You can solve this problem if you make a convenient integrator — for starters, within the same city.

  • On-Demand Beauty App

Beauty service apps have also proven to be beneficial for salons as they can easily manage the flow of customers. Open a platform where beauty salons and experts can create profiles describing their services for consumers to connect with them. The most successful model for such an app is the Uber one.

  • E-Commerce App

Regardless of which sector you plan to invest in, e-commerce applications can be developed across multiple domains by integrating various technologies to ensure a seamless experience across platforms. Marketplaces, online transactions analysis, data exchange, and chain sale apps are all in stable demand.

  • Parcel Delivery App

Of course, different delivery services have been on the market for years. How to compete? Introduce an unusual element into the user experience. Deliver faster, cover bigger territories, let users choose the exact delivery time entry, and create electronic invoices for parcels without leaving their homes. 

  • Entertainment App

Gather the latest updates on concerts, art events, gallery openings, excursions, and festivals in a single app. Start by covering a single city and add filters for users to narrow down the choice of preferred activities. As long as the crowd asks for Meal’n’Real, developing an entertainment app will be a good idea.

  • Packers & Movers App

Moving out causes so much stress that some may even avoid it for as long as possible. Creating an app to ease this process will save thousands of people their nerve cells and effort. Find experienced professionals who know how to pack all household items efficiently, hire truck drivers, and start promoting! 

  • Inventory Tracking App

Tracking all the inventory in your office, gym, lab, or even home with the help of a single app. What can be more pleasant? Those who enjoy perfect arranging, Excel sheets, and endless lists will appreciate it if you add convenient filters and UX design.

  • Business Card App

Carrying a stack of plastic cards for various professional clubs, different services, and special events can be nerve-racking. So instead, develop an app that allows scanning of all business cards to store them in your phone later. Then, all bar codes, club numbers, and user data are within a few clicks’ reach.

Education App Ideas

  • Language Learning App

It can be difficult for a startup to compete with larger language practice apps as a small business cannot immediately hire many professionals. Solve this problem by raising the audience’s activity: offer free bonuses, trial lessons, and interactive learning. Monetize private lessons in the application and make part of the content paid.

  • Virtual Study Group App

Develop a service for watching educational videos and presentations and passing quizzes. Various content can become the main service feature: films, series, news, educational lectures, and professional teachers’ help. You can monetize the service using a paid subscription with a free trial period.

  • Exam Study App

As statistics show, educational applications are in demand, and better monetization can be achieved on the global market. Based on this data, you can develop the concept of a language learning application that is relevant to people worldwide. The application should have a theoretical part in the form of texts or video tutorials, tests for self-testing, and the ability to create close-to-reality tests for a self-check.

  • Real-Time Translation App

The demand for voice translation apps is growing rapidly. For example, people who travel abroad frequently use a voice translator app to facilitate their conversation with the native person. Either dictated or written down manually, the content inserted into your app should be translated in minutes to help users quicken their interaction with a foreign language.

  • Pet Training App

Reminders of meals and walks, useful tips, a calendar with groomer appointments, or vaccination reminders — a pet training app will be very valuable for those who care for their little family members. Finally, you will make the app pop by adding practical training tips and help chat with a real cynologist.

  • Learning Apps For People with Disabilities

You can teach people with disabilities to understand literature, philosophy, art, and legislation, prepare them to pass some exams, and make courses for general development or professional development. The main thing is choosing understandable formats: small videos, texts, and short tests. You can make such applications completely paid, by subscription, with a short test period.

  • A Reading App

Simple apps with books are popular. Not to compete with the giants, you can focus on a particular segment: for example, take children’s books, art history, and 20th-century literature, or focus on rare books. Offer users a library for reading, audiobooks, and translations into different languages ​​for study practice. To monetize the mobile app, limit the number of available books per month and set rates based on how much content the user wants to consume.

  • Traffic Rules Training App

This one is an eternal topic because the number of people who want to receive a driver’s license is only growing yearly, which means that new users will appear organically on their own. So, yes, there is a lot of competition in the niche, but regular updates, beautiful design, and a large number of multiple choice tasks are quite the working secret of success. 

  • AR for School App

Educational mobile apps are popular, and people are willing to pay for them, partly because they allow you to study freely — open your smartphone and experience a new approach to school. Introduce tech trends into the education field, and you are guaranteed to overcome the competition.

  • School News App

All modern schools at least have Facebook pages or sites. You can go further and offer schools cooperation. The establishment will stand out by developing an up-to-date app with the latest news, curriculum, charity events, professional changes, or school competitions. Explain this benefit to the clients, and they will invest in your idea.

  • College Application App

The same applies to colleges but in a broader sense. High schools, colleges, and universities produce a continuous information flow that users must follow on the official site. So why don’t we ease this formality and provide them with a cool app, convenient reminders, and excellent personalization?

Finance App Ideas

  • UPI Payment App

Brainstorm an idea for a mobile app that can act as a single POC (point of contact) for all transactions. Whether it is for mobile bills, rent payments, deposits,s or any other type of transaction — integrate several services to let a single app become a universal payment platform.

  • Personal Finance App

Let’s be honest. We all need financial education, especially young people who are mature enough to earn their first money but need to be more experienced to know how to invest. So create an app that provides free, personalized financial advice to users: enter details about your financial situation, lifestyle, and goals so that the app creates a plan to follow.

  • Loaned Money Tracking App

Financial institutions do not ban taking out several loans from different providers. Your application will be declined only if you have unpaid debts. Thus, not to get lost in several loans and their conditions, obligees will need a simple app to track their current loan balance, repayment terms, and APRs.

  • Finance And Bill Management App

A digital bill application responsible for collecting all transactions made in the application will reduce paper overuse and make it much easier to track expenses and save receipts. So keep track of your finances and check the budget accuracy on-site with everything in one app.

  • GST Return Filing App

The tax system sometimes gets so complicated that people hire accountants to help them file tax applications. A smart app for registering the tax return on goods and services can become a very profitable startup. People will see investing in a financial app as very rational.


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  • Investment App

The market has long been preparing for an increase in demand: several major players are already offering to invest when just using a smartphone. The recipe for a retail investment boom is a mix of free money, time (due to lockdowns), and technology, multiplied by the relative youth of the audience. But the main thing is that the threshold for entering the stock market has become practically zero.

  • Taxation App

“Create and send reports without wasting time and exhausting queues, pay taxes online with a card or through a client-bank, and do not miss the deadlines for sending reports and paying taxes.” Sounds inspiring? We guarantee that the users will fall for this offer.

  • Blockchain-Based Money Transfer App

A crypto application is a mobile phone application with which you can manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. An application can be analogous to web platforms in terms of functionality or a separate service. However, blockchain, the main security trend, continues to dictate the requirement of the fintech market. 

  • A Money Saver App

A money-saver app will help you accumulate funds in a few single steps. First, let the user set up the fixed percent deposited to the specific account from each transaction. What is more, managing the service should be easy, performed online, and not require visiting any offline office: connecting/deactivating the service, checking the balance, withdrawing funds from the account, or changing the conditions of accumulation.

  • Payment Wallet App

The time for cash is gone, and plastic money and mobile wallets are replacing it. There are many benefits to giving online transactions an edge over handling cash. The ease of carrying unlimited amounts of access, accessibility, account tracking, and more all add up to encourage mobile banking.

  • Lottery App

People love risk and entertainment — better combined. Integrate the most popular lottery providers (start with small and proceed to the government ones) or create your own concept. Follow mathematical rules and stay clear in terms of announcing the winner — people should see the lucky one and believe in your transparency.

  • Betting App

For most bettors, regularly monitoring the changes in sports events is very important. And a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, is the best choice. It makes betting more portable and, therefore, comfortable. Cooperate with the market giants or set up a new betting company — bookmakers will always be in demand.

Food App Ideas

  • Meal Recipes Based on Ingredients App

A simple application that gives the user a list of recipes based on the ingredients they specify. To start, you need to collect and upload a database of recipes, enable users to offer their own recipes, and introduce a system of ratings and likes. Then, you can monetize the project using an advertising model — to promote certain food manufacturers. You can also make some of the content available for a paid subscription.

  • Food Donation App for Restaurants

Nowadays, many apps deliver food to your door and even offer many discounts and benefits to attract customers. However, how many of those deliveries get canceled, or how much food goes to waste? Redirecting such meals to those in need can be a great solution for sustainable restaurants. 

  • Recipe Management App

Given the popularity of lifestyle content apps, food delivery services, and instant messengers, creating an app with recipes and nutrition tips seems logical. Let people communicate and exchange recipes and cooking results in a feed with comments and chats.

  • Food Planner App

Let users choose the meal plan best suits their health condition and partner with grocery stores to deliver the necessary products. Everyone knows planning meals when on a diet can be exhausting, especially if you are not used to food limitations. Simple guides, exclusive recipes, or meal subscriptions can help you monetize food planning. 

  • Food Recommendation App

Few can correctly understand the composition of the products, decipher the notorious E-666 (or any other additives), and other incomprehensible words. So it’s a great idea to create an application with a database of all product compositions, especially those from mass-market stores, and food recommendations: which product is safe for your food goals and which you should not buy.

Mental Health & Fitness App Ideas

  • Fitness App

Lifestyle apps are popular, super apps are trending, and people are becoming more health-conscious after the pandemic. As a result, a multifunctional service for checking the health and maintaining it will be relevant in 2023. It can include a calorie tracker, a chatbot with recommendations for sports exercises depending on the habits and specifics of work, a search for swimming pools, gyms, and parks for jogging by geolocation, and expert content from nutritionists/trainers.

  • A Workout or Exercise App

The name speaks for itself because sport-related apps have been one of the first to emerge after social networks and games. You can monetize a mobile application by advertising specific fitness centers, sports equipment, and brands of healthy products. Also, make some content, for example, private online lessons and consultations paid. 

  • A Meditation & Yoga App

The new wave of conscious healthcare, self-love, and repeating affirmation has logically introduced a new niche to the tech market. These types of applications seem to be nothing special and repeat themselves. However, your startup is always free to introduce a revolutionary design or cool trends to make the service pop.

  • Diet & Weight Loss App

This service is much more than just a calorie counter. The “smart” application gradually learns your eating habits, takes into account the personal requests of users (for example, if you want to try a low-carb diet), and forms an individual dietary profile — with optimal food recommendations, personal motivation, and workout suggestions.

  • Water-Reminder app

Apps like this shouldn’t take long to develop because they focus on a single feature — an interactive user profile where you can tick every glass of water consumed and receive reminders about the next one. Thus, a cute design will be useful to retain the audience in this case.

  • Training Tracking App

An easy-to-implement application: the user specifies their fitness goal (losing weight, becoming stronger, more mobile, or gaining muscle mass), and the app uses professional recommendations to build a personal program. Every other day, a user needs to put conditional “ticks” to see their progress or lack thereof, and sometimes regression.

  • Track Your Mood App

What would you say about developing a mobile app for Android and iOS that will allow you to observe your day and look for patterns or things that affect your mood? Useful app features would include adding and rating activities, events, places, or conversations that happened during the day. Mental-health-based startups are now in huge demand, so don’t lose your chance as a developer.

  • Calorie Counter App

Professional sportspeople need to track what they eat using calorie counters daily. Today’s main requirement for such apps is automatizing calculating data that used to be filled out manually. For example, a user should enter the meal name or product brand, and the app should mention all the ingredients mixed and nutrients.

Lifestyle App Ideas

  • Car-Sharing App

Taxis are cool, but sometimes you need a car for longer periods or circumstances more unpredictable. Again, car sharing comes to the rescue! Price comparison and passenger safety features will earn your app more points.

  • Parking Space Finder App

An application that helps users find free and paid parking lots in their respective locations will be a hit for the megapolis citizens. Developing the software for such an app means integrating webcams, GPS, location, parking data, and navigation in real-time to detect any available parking space in the area.

  • Recycling Helper App

Small daily gestures can considerably reduce the harmful impact of waste on our planet, particularly through the emission of greenhouse gases. For example, introduce AR into your app to help it recognize the discarded items to let users sort them properly. An interactive map with the nearest sorting centers will also be useful.

  • Anti-Smartphone Addiction App

A simple widget that keeps track of how long the phone has been in use. The application will save people fighting digital addiction from spending too much time on the screen. Block time is a great metric to see if there is a real reason to be paranoid. A simple design and stern reminders are vital.

  • Caller Image Identifier App

Software development for this app will include all available number database integration, linking the numbers to social media or any info on the Internet, and then creating a single system uniting the research results. It should finally work the following way: the app recognizes the unknown number, searches the caller image in the database, and shows it on the screen straight during the call. 

  • Party Planning and Invitation App

Inviting guests to family functions and events is a delicate task. With an invitation app, this duty becomes a pleasant activity. Let users select and create a group to send mass invitations within the app. Integrating creative and beautiful designs for various festivals and events increases user engagement with these apps. The most important celebrations to focus on are birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, and New Year.

  • Hair Dye Touch-Ups Reminder App

Often people need to segment their plans by activity type. This is especially true for women with a rather busy schedule of procedures at home and with professionals. Using a special calendar to systematize all the necessary touch-ups and know when to do what can be a great solution.

  • Smart Alarm App

For millions worldwide, problems begin in the morning, when getting out of bed is a heroic feat, not a daily routine. The problem is that the alarm clock does not sound motivating. But if you punish a sleepyhead by deducting a small amount off their bank card to charity? Or blocking non-essential smartphone options for a day? You can think of many options. The main thing is that the discomfort from getting up is more pleasant than the punishment.

  • Family Update Mobile App

Imagine opening an application on your smartphone right now and seeing what events happened in your life and when. Do you think you remember everything? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. But without visualization, it is impossible to conduct analytics, see the correlation between what happened in the past, and think about what all this will lead to in the future. An app for family timeline following is your helper in this case. 

  • Wedding Planner App

A modern wedding app should be set up as a marketplace for all events related to the ceremony. Venues, caterers, musicians, flower shops, event organizers, makeup artists, and designers should finally be united into a single app. Experts promote themselves, and future couples browse offers, read reviews, articles, and testimonials, or even start conversations with users with similar agendas.

  • Church App

Who said religion is out of fashion? A stylish religious app can be a unique solution to attract more parishioners to the church. Events, charity, prayers, and philosophical context will make the app encourage interest even in atheists. 

  • Magazine App

Of course, planning to beat Vogue is an exercise in futility, but no one says you should compete with the market giants. Set your own rules instead. If you are into journalism, fashion, coverage of events, and interviews — start your digital magazine and present it in the form of a user-friendly app.

  • Decorating App

Decorating trends, everything needed for your next DIY, and professional help on demand will be the main features of such an app. Introduce AR to let users put on a new look on their room, furniture piece, or clothing. Blogs with articles will also raise audience activity. 

  • Repairing Gadgets App

Isn’t it a pity when a favorite gadget breaks down? People usually don’t want to pay crazy money for repairs. Enter the brand of the gadget into the application, indicate the problem, and get recommendations on how and what to change, and ideally, also a list of professional service centers or freelance repair people. 

  • Religious Gathering Notifier

Religious people should benefit from digitalization in its best terms as well. For example, the gatherings and payer reminder app should include the next features: the ability to add widgets with up-to-date prayer information, a button to turn off the sound during prayers, the list of religious events, and info on weekly gatherings in your local parish. 

  • Karaoke App

Play karaoke online by singing the songs to your friends and letting them guess, or get together and sing along to your favorite track! Translating the phone screen on a bigger device such as a laptop or TV will be a great plus, as well as connecting the sound to the speakers. 

Healthcare App Ideas

  • Health Check-up Reminder

Taking care of your health is vital, and simple daily actions can be enough to reduce the risk of illness. Unfortunately, we do not give enough time to our lifestyle, but fortunately, applications are there! For example, informing the user about their state of health and where they should go to a doctor will be very useful.

  • Consult a Doctor’s App

Digitalization of medicine is one of the most useful achievements of IT during the pandemic. Thanks to applications from the mHealth category, people can monitor their health without leaving home, which means they help themselves without endangering themselves. Such apps will be highly popular in 2023.

  • Period-Calculator/Birth-Control App

Apps helping you check your health daily and keeping track of your period and BC intake cater to half of humanity and are in huge demand. You can extend the app to include nutritional tips or exercises to reduce period cramps, further predictions, or professional tips from doctors.

  • Pregnancy-Helper App

The application tells what happens to the body and the fetus at all stages of pregnancy, what you should pay special attention to this week, what medications you can take, and when to expect childbirth (the algorithm calculates this date using data about your cycle). A bonus in the application is a contraction timer and checklists — what should be done during each trimester and immediately before childbirth.

  • Suicide Prevention Mobile App

An app of this type allows you to track mood and emotional well-being, analyze dynamics and identify impulses for disturbing thoughts. But the main thing is that the application helps not to distance oneself from psychological problems and anxieties but to work them out with the help of simple and quick mental exercises. 

  • Symptom Tracking Apps

Create a superapp that will work for people struggling with various conditions: from depression to diabetes. Make sure that your application offers recommendations based on different data of users, well analyzes their age and anamnesis. You can also add a “Call a doctor” button to quickly access an ambulance in unforeseen situations.

  • Stress Relaxing Apps

If we look at the statistics of the last few years, there has been an increase in mental health-related issues, and this is where effective relaxation apps come into play. Meditation and other mental practices are known to reduce stress and calm people down, making them one of the best ideas for a startup.

  • Air Pollution Monitoring App

Environmental changes are now visible and tangible to the people of the world. To know the temperature outside is no longer enough. Megapolis citizens are forced to track the air pollution indexes because there are days when health organizations do not recommend leaving the house at all. 

  • Water Quality Monitoring App

The same applies to water: drinking is vital, but what if there was a huge water poisoning, oil leakage, or seasonal floods in your region that resulted in poor water quality? Again, notify the users about occasions, share precautions, and suggest they avoid the beaches.

  • App for the Color Blind

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like for the color blind? And what if you are color blind and have never realized you perceive everything around you in a way far from reality? Inventing an app that changes colors according to the specific color blindness spectrum that would work as an AR filter is a great idea.

  • Telemedicine Apps

Being sick but not able to get an appointment with your doctor immediately is frustrating! The Internet enables major changes, and the health sector is no exception: patients can get a chance to receive the medical care they need without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

  • Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Mobile App

An app that helps users take their medications, dietary supplements, vitamins, and birth control pills on time will always be in demand. Make it a pill reminder and a complete electronic first aid kit. Allow users to set specific parameters — how many pills, how, when, and for what period they need to drink; create a family account for taking vitamins; create separate lists of effective “situational” drugs (for abdominal pain, allergies, and so on).

Photo & Video App Ideas

  • Video-Editing App

Content-editing apps are setting the bar higher and higher, offering users new features unlike previous: cropping the video, cutting out an extra fragment, improving quality, and adding effects or captions. A video-editing app should have an intuitive design, do the job for the user, and fully replace a full-fledged editing program on a laptop.

  • Graphic Design Helper App

Apps for designers with tools suitable for working with vector and raster graphics are in demand due to the rapid increase in blog popularity. Now most influencers and bloggers post high-quality content with elements of professional editing and graphic design. Monetize the app by offering a free trial period followed by a paid subscription.

  • Photo Filter App

Target at creating an app with features ranging from cropping, color management, or adding filters and creating collages, logos, or banners.

Enable users to arrange their visual style layout and share the pictures straight from the app. Paid presets or professional tips for an additional fee are a great monetization option.

  • Video Filter App

Most standard smartphone camera applications already have basic video filters, but the standard tools are usually very limited. Therefore, creating an app with extended filters, AI, and professional tutorials is great since you can promote it straight via social networks and quickly gain an audience.

Productivity App Ideas

  • Task-Scheduling and Motivation App

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to analyze the progress we have made in our lives. Imagine an app that records the details of what the user has learned and the progress they have made on a daily. Enable users to create free-look boards, lists, tasks, plans, and goals to later track. Please provide them with a smooth design, and convenient reminders.

  • School Notes App

Note apps can simplify brainstorming by allowing students to visually link and organize ideas, files, events, and images. If students struggle with a certain topic, an app will offer a tangible representation to understand the process better. In addition, multiple people can access the same account, so team members and teammates can easily collaborate.

  • Phone Silencer App

Not all smartphones have personalized silence managers that let you choose between several modes and restrictions. An app for declining calls, switching all apps to the muted mode, and hiding notifications can be a great startup idea. Add some unpredicted features to revolutionize the concept, and you’ll be able to monetize it.

  • Stop Procrastinating App

Such an application should motivate users to fulfill their plans. The mechanics are simple: the user indicates what and when they need to do, and the application sends reminder notifications. The app may block the screen or different phone features if the user refuses to put the phone down.

  • Reminder App

The payment, task, date, or any other activity reminder is a tracking app that helps potential users keep track of their duties. The application’s job is to send the user a set-in-advance notification encouraging them to perform a certain task (meditate, call their mom, walk a dog, or drink water). Allow the user to unite several reminders into a single system and personalize notification sounds.

  • Note Taking App

A modern, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing note app — what can be better? Thinks over the concept allowing users to focus on different aspects: notes, knowledge bases, tasks, projects, spreadsheets, and databases. Note-making is a real art, and thousands worldwide devote time to such apps daily. 

  • Answerphone App

An answering machine app is a very useful service for busy people unable to answer calls constantly. Unfortunately, most smartphones still need to offer this feature, so users must contact their mobile operators to set it up for an additional fee. Thus, creating an app allowing automatic answers and leaving voice messages is still relevant.

  • Writing Assistant App

Even though this feature is usually built into the phone’s OS, not all of them appeal to users and offer real help. For example, compared to simple “letter-by-letter typing,” an assistant allows you to significantly increase the speed of writing messages via an algorithm that intelligently predicts which word the user is currently typing.

Shopping App Ideas

  • AR App That Helps You Design Your Room

Create an interface allowing users to try on room designs or see how well a certain furniture piece will fit in the interior. Virtual fitting has been a trend in many fields, and room design is one of them. In addition, you can monetize the startup by offering the users professional tips from real designers for a fee. 

  • Scan to Shop Apps

What if you could scan any product you like at the mall, grocery, or makeup store and add it to your virtual cart without interacting with a consultant? If this sound is inspiring, you should share this idea with the world by developing a cool app.

  • Mall Navigation Map

Large malls purposefully make it very difficult for customers to locate exactly the store where they want to go. An app with the mall’s map directing users to the needed store in minutes will save them a few weeks of life in the long run! 

  • Supermarket Checkout App

Various apps constantly improve the quality of shopping services and take care of customers. For instance, a scan-to-shop app allows you to point the camera at the product’s barcode at the supermarket, scan the cart’s contents, and then pay online! No more long queues or arrogant cashiers. And if necessary, you can ask the consultant for a paper check.

  • A Gift Suggestion for a Friend App

This a huge problem that every person faces several times a year. If only an application would tell you what to give a person, perhaps even based on the interests of the addressee indicated by the user. Add custom lists and go to PlayMarket/AppStore.

  • Virtual Clothes Shopping App

Virtual reality is a trendy technology to use in software development now. It helps make the product more convenient for users: let them try on the clothes they would like to purchase, see how well they will fit, or which color matches the best. The better the technology is implemented, the higher the demand for the application.

  • Toy-Exchange App

Developing a platform where parents could sell their old toys, or even trade them with others will always stay relevant. Swapping children’s stuff is a great idea because your child grows out of clothes quickly, and buying new pairs of overalls each month can cost a fortune. Besides, children get fed up with toys quickly and expect you to immediately bring them a new one. 

  • Automatic Coupon Applier App

Every Black Friday, local stores announce hundreds of amazing deals. It’s a pity to find out about them after they are almost over or there are no goods left. With an app like this, you can get first-hand, reliable, and timely information about coupons for different stores. The deal could be related to travel, fitness, food, clothing, etc. It will save the user a lot of time and ultimately won’t take a toll on their pockets.

  • Referral App

A referral program is a way to promote a product or service through referrals. The company offers customers to recommend their product to friends and receive a reward: a discount, money, or points to a bonus account. Simply put, it’s a way to stimulate word of mouth. For example, you can create an app uniting different products and grant users with bonuses for promoting them.

  • Online Flower And Gift Delivery App

How often did you experience an urgent need to cherish your loved ones with a special gift in the middle of the night or wanted to buy them flowers but had no time left? You can monetize the application by offering gift and flower delivery to the door in an hour. Cooperate with flower shops and local gift providers to generate an extensive database. 

  • Charity Donation App

Choose one donation-receiving channel or unite several funds and focus on storytelling. Let the users feel special because of their great deeds (donating and spreading information). However, the lack of monetization will be a great choice in this case. The application should have no transfer fees, interest deductions, or advertising. All money may go directly to the foundations, and the project works with users’ and patrons’ help. 

  • Shopping Assistant App

You can cater to people who always shop at branded stores. Or those who are looking for discounts and deals. Unite many shopping malls or online stores into a single platform and create an assistant to offer shop recommendations based on budget, habits, requirements, and mood. Your app will give users the ultimate confirmation that the product they’re buying is worth it.

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  • Wishlist App

All of us have been stuck in a situation when we see something we like but cannot afford for now. Saving the link to bookmarks or notes is most inconvenient. Thus, a pretty wishlist app with arranging, filtering, and sharing features is a great idea for a startup.

  • Original Item Detector App

According to OECD, the global sale of counterfeit products and goods is $1.7 billion annually. Many consumers suffer from buying fake products and end up having a bad day. Imagine having a web application that tells you the entire journey of a product, from its origin in the field to the store. 

  • Collective Shopping App

In most cases, buying a product per unit is more expensive than buying in bulk. It also happens that many websites offer free delivery after exceeding a certain amount. So create an app that allows random people with shared needs to unite into groups to save money on various deals.

  • Price Comparison Apps

We have been actively buying goods in online stores for a long time. It is convenient and often relatively cheap. It is even more convenient to view products at once in all stores. In addition, price comparison services have been in huge demand since customers have become smarter about their spending.

  • A Digital Receipt App

Scan and save the receipts in a few clicks. Then, allow the users to compare the prices for the same goods in different stores and analyze their budget with the help of a smart assistant. 

  • Search Products by Photo App

Many e-commerce platforms have already introduced this feature for their products, for instance, Aliexpress. What if you combine the smart image search from Google with the shopping patterns users have (how they describe the product when searching for it online) to create a revolutionary shopping app?

  • Barter Exchange App

Create a platform where people post ads about things they want to sell/buy and what they want to receive/offer instead. Money is great, but sometimes even it is useless! Let the community members filter adds, modify their requests, and unite into chat groups with moderators for further discussions. 

  • Pet Marketplace Mobile App

Selling or adopting pets is a huge market as well. Apps that offer pet owners and seekers a convenient exchange platform will always be in demand. So, why don’t you develop a cute startup helping four-legged friends find new families?

Social Networking App Ideas

  • Social Networking App for Item Sales, Buying, and Rent

You can also create a virtual shopping app that will be used to rent, buy, or sell various items or services. The application must also tell its potential users whether the products they have selected are available from different sellers or in a location close to them.

  • Finding People to Maximize Your Spending on Rewards Credit Card App

Many stores offer an accumulative bonus system for their clients, which means the more they spend, the bigger discount they receive. Of course, sharing these bonus cards between friends and family is not a new thing. But what if you offer a giant network uniting people with different interests willing to share their discounts with others to earn more points?

  • Social Networking App for Single Parents

To attract parents, the app must have unique features. Add the chat, feed, and search filter options between the profiles, for example. Let people unite into groups of interest, arrange offline events for children, and search for the other half who understands how hard it is to be a single parent. 

  • Find Your Band Member App for Musicians

It should be an application that looks like a job search for musicians. Band members looking for someone to fill a position, whether it’s vocalist, drummer, or guitarist, will find them here. Of course, musicians looking to join a band can search the different groups registered on the app and choose which ones they want to join.

  • Business Tips App

Professional guidance on filing taxes, business sustainability, or retaining clients will always be in demand. Many serious companies arrange offline business courses and international meetings for young and experienced entrepreneurs. Why don’t you provide them with a convenient app for these purposes?

  • Roommate Finder App

It would help if you connected tenants and landlords so that they could communicate. At the same time, you must create a profile with detailed information to ensure the safety of those who are going to rent a room, as well as those who are looking for it. Let people look for cohabitants based on personal preferences and make the app feel more like a social network.

  • Tutor Searching App

The wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire education system and moved traditional schools to online learning. Now schoolchildren and students need additional help from a mentor to cope with their curriculum. Tutors can be attracted to young students, freelancers, or professional teachers. What about the audience? Social network promotion, of course!

  • House-Keeper Finding App

Here is a good old startup idea: take an existing agency service and shorten the number of human interactions. For example, instead of calling the cleaning service, allow users to search for house-keepers online based on convenient filters. You can earn by charging a service fee for each successful deal, or every service offered bu your house workers.

  • Intelligent Flirt App

Finding your soul mate has become easier now — netizens are more comfortable communicating online with new people. Given the popularity and growth of dating applications, developing new applications with unique features and technical innovations always makes sense. For example, an intelligent matching system and flirting phrases suggestions will surely appeal to users.

  • App For Refugees

There are just a few platforms specializing in this sector now. However, the year 2022 has shown that war is still near and the problem of refugee migration will stay with us for a long. Especially in Ukraine, more than 5 million people have allegedly fled the country due to the Russian invasion. So why not create an app to help them socialize, and find jobs, friends, and accommodation in a new country? 

  • Eat-Together App

How often did you dream of somebody inviting you out for a date or wanting to visit a new place, but all of your friends were busy? Developing an app uniting food lovers to eat together sounds like a great startup idea. But, an additional advantage, make the service communication-focused to maximize your app’s success chances. 

  • Social Rating App

Imagine a social network where you could anonymously rate the different personality traits of your friends: temperament, appearance, behavior, or style. People will see their ratings and the number of users who voted, but they can never know who rated them and how. This type of application is said to be particularly popular with teenagers. 

  • Interest-Based Dating App

Choose one niche or let users set their interests in the profile settings: fishing enthusiasts, mothers with children, dancers, artists, or hikers. This approach will help people with common interests find each other. Then, monetize the project with the introduction of paid profiles or limit the number of acquaintances in the free version.

  • Book Review App

As statistics show, book applications are of interest to audiences around the world. In the application, you can publish recently published books, engage experts to write professional reviews, and make a filter that allows you to find new items based on users’ tastes. Earn by selling merch and books straight away and making partially paid content.

  • Social Goal-Sharing App

Let users unite into communities based on shared values and aspirations. Then, they must submit their requirements, specifications, or experience in the field they want to grow. The application will then provide the user with friend suggestions, professional tips, and paid guides/mentors. 

  • Selfie Competition App

Trends show that communication apps are relevant and in demand. But it would be difficult for a startup to compete with global giants, so it’s worth focusing on narrower niches. Even though unofficially, Tinder is a fully appearance-focused dating app. So, why don’t you develop an app that doesn’t hide and makes things clear from the beginning?

  • Startup Assistance App

Of course, this whole article is devoted to startup tips and ideas. However, choosing the app concept is just the first step. Now you can imagine how much help young entrepreneurs will need to create a startup: business guidance, legal obligations, hiring talents, scaling, and many more.

  • Finding Occasional Part-Time Job App

Many brands and businesses closed during the pandemic, and people were left without work. So developing a mobile application that offers jobs to a large number of people around the world would be a great idea. You can create a common platform where employers and job seekers can help each other. Companies will be able to post vacancies for certain hours of work or under a contract, and specialists will be able to search for work by filtering offers by skills, experience, knowledge, and form of employment.

  • Random Chat App

People actively use social networks, but ordinary social networks insert certain rules into communication. Meanwhile, chatting is a serious need for many people — let them find employees to fill vacancies, partners, friends, or companions for any activity.

  • Giveaway App

Similarly to referral programs, giveaways work in a way that promotes the product in a natural way among its target audience. In addition, the feedback from sharing the item is worth giving to one of the participants. And we all have that one friend who shares all the giveaways on their social media. Thus, creating an app that collects all the giveaways in one place will be great.

  • Matrimony App

Another aspect that suggests that dating apps have a future is that they are no longer of interest only to young people looking for short-term fun. Singles focused specifically on searching for a life partner have created a need for dating apps. In addition, matrimony-oriented services are in huge demand! Take this concept and make it stand out by adding unique features.

  • Lost & Found App

The Lost but Found app deserves special mention. With this app, people who lost their car keys in the car park, dropped jewelry in a fitting room, or couldn’t find their pets for a few days can post ads, and other people will respond. The app’s purpose will be to reconnect lost items or goods to their original owner.

  • Find Game Companions App

Finding a partner to train outdoors or play video games online can be difficult when you’re new to town or don’t have friends with common interests. This web application offers an ideal solution for users with common interests to get together to play. Allow chatting and search filters to weed out the results.

  • Dating & Chatting App

Dating apps are already plentiful. This does not mean that the market is saturated. Indeed, there is always a way to enter this sector. Moreover, people interested in finding a partner rarely use one app but download a few. Make your appeal to them! Fill a certain niche and offer cool features.

  • Remote-Control Toys for Couples App

IoT technologies allow the development of smart devices that can be controlled through an application. The more convenient and understandable the application, the more willingly people use devices. For example, toys for couples are highly popular today, so let’s save long-distance couples by offering them such an app.

Travel App Ideas

  • Best Vacation Spot Finder App

Experienced travelers have probably visited all the popular tourist areas and are interested in discovering something new. So why not develop a tourist-helping app that will amaze even professional globe trotters? Let users enter parameters for their perfect trip and get instant recommendations.

  • Travel-Planning App

Exploring each country and city, taking into account your budget and free time, is difficult and long, but with the help of this application, the user can quickly make a travel plan and make the necessary lists. Then, offer complete travel packages or destinations according to a person’s requests.

  • Tourists Helper App

It is a travel assistance application that gives its users suggestions and recommendations about local attractions, world cuisines, and activities that can be done in a certain place. Experienced or new to traveling — users will have to install an app like yours if you come up with a new concept previously not seen.

  • Public Transport App

The main idea behind this amazing mobile app is to inform users about the best and safest route to take when using public transport. In addition, it will also notify the user when the departure time is approaching to attend the train, bus, or even the plane. Additionally, the application should be able to track traffic, crashes, delays, scheduled departure times, and rush hour.

  • Toilet Finder App

Being new to the city or country, it is sometimes hard to find a public WC or understand the local hospitality culture: is it allowed to use the restaurant’s restroom for free, or will it look weird here? So the interactive map with toilets will come in handy.

  • Nearby EV Charging Station Finder App

Owning an electric car means always staying on alert for the battery and ultimately seeking out the nearest charging station. Some car brands offer simple built-in navigation system that directs the car straight to the station and updates the map. However, not all cars have this function, so developing an app like this is a good idea for a startup.

  • VR Based Virtual Travel App

Nowadays, common tourist trails are hard of interest to many people. At the same time, many travelers who have had fascinating travel experiences will be eager to share them with others. This mobile application aims to create a database containing travel routes, or walks, explained by the users themselves, and then allow others to experience the effect of presence based on VR. Let people feel the country before they decide to visit it.

  • Nightlife Guides App

Creating an app focusing on the nightlife is familiar to the market. Still, the recommendations probably need to be updated when you go to a Trip advisor or any other giant tourist helper service. The suggested clubs are cringey and not popular with the locals. Let your app solve this problem by cooperating with local experts!

  • Free Wi-Fi Finder App

Free Wi-Fi is available at airports, large stores, as well as in some governmental establishments and other places. However, it is better to use apps specifically designed for finding it rather than wondering where it might be and taking risks. Monetize the app by cooperating with the restaurants, promoting different events with free Wi-Fi, and ads.

  • Travel Buddy App

Social media are used for various purposes, searching for travel companions included. Why don’t you create an app focusing specifically on that? Let users fill out their profiles with the info on all countries they have already been to, post travel blogs in the feed, and make announcement on their next holiday destinations. In case other people feel interested to share this experience — they can ask to join. 

  • Railway Tracking App

Traveling across Europe usually requires buying train tickets, so developing an app for purchasing them without additional fees will be very useful for thousands of travelers. Enable the app to inform passengers about the departure, and the arrival of the train at the station, track number, and any delays.

Utility App Ideas

  • Scan and Convert to PDF App

Users often have to convert a file from one format to another when uploading a document file to a website. Creating an application for this will be the ultimate solution for converting a series of documents into multiple formats. In addition, integrating editing and sharing options will add more value.

  • Voice Translation App

The simplest software that connects a smartphone/tablet to a speaker and recognizes the text enables you to develop an app for voice translation. There are multiple such apps on the market, yet the demand for them is not decreasing as most show bugs or work slowly.

  • Call Recording App

Recognizing the caller’s picture or leaving a voice message after the automated answer is great, but call recording is another vital privacy feature not built into most smartphones. Develop an app for this to let users save all their phone call tracks or even convert them into scripts.

  • Criminal Alert App

The emergency alert program allows users to be aware of any unwanted natural disasters or criminal activity in the area. For example, we cannot eliminate forest fires and hurricanes, and no one can guarantee a crime-free state. Emergency or crime alert users can easily update information about the area’s illegal activity or natural disasters. The main reason for these types of applications is to try to keep residents safe.

  • Warranty-Expiry Alerts App

This idea will be the solution to the rampant problem of not knowing whether a particular food or item is expired or not. The app will keep track of the expiration dates of all the products you have in your kitchen. 

  • Internet Speed Checker App

The loading speed seems off, but you need help determining whether the problem is in your phone or the Wi-Fi router itself? This app should help you measure the Internet speed and compare it to the average to determine the issue.

  • Subscription Alert App

From music app subscriptions to app store subscriptions — an average user has dozens of paid plans they need to follow. So, it’s about time an app hit the market which can track all subscriptions and let the user know when the next subscription is due and how much should be deducted from their bank account.

  • An App That Scans Terms/Conditions

Let’s be honest. You, too, skip reading long Terms and Conditions when you are excited about registering for a new service or playing a cool game. However, these contracts may contain seemingly minor details that can later be used to bring you to justice. What about an app that scans those kilometers of text and highlights controversial parts that you should truly pay attention to?

  • Complaint Registering App

Chances are you have felt humiliated and mistreated at least once. Complaining is every person’s right and what better way to do it than via an application designed for this purpose? Develop a service where people would write anonymous or open complaints about a service, restaurant, employer, or practically anything, and others could search for those reviews using filters.

  • Disaster Management App

Safety apps can play an important role during a disaster, so it makes sense to invest in their development. But, interestingly, security applications are not just limited to disasters: they can be used to track children, provide immediate assistance to assaulted women, or help notice security breaches.

  • Text Reader App

Phone use, especially reading or replying to text messages while driving, is one of the main causes of many traffic accidents worldwide. Everything on your phone is distracting, including navigation, music player, conversation, or text messages. Thus, a text reader app would be a universal tool to read books out loud, send voice messages, or dictate recipes when you are in the middle of cooking at cannot scroll the screen.

  • Digital CV/Resume App

A cool CV is half of the success in the job-searching process! Especially if you are a designer or a copywriter, since your experience brief should reflect your professional abilities. An app with CV templates and tips will always be in demand. Moreover, you can easily monetize it by offering premium templates with extended features.

  • A Wi-Fi Sharing App

You may develop an app that allows you to share Wi-Fi with others by creating a hotspot. Now you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot even if you are connected to another Wi-Fi, allowing other devices to provide a secure Wi-Fi connection. Apps like this can also protect your smartphone from viruses and other electronic threats or share the unknown password from the Wi-Fi you are connected to.

  • Measurement App

Integrate AR to let users measure things in real-time: point the camera at an item, move the phone to let the app assess the parameters, and receive an approximate size value.

  • 3D Scanning App

While you can create complex objects with design software like Blender, it takes a lot of time. Luckily, modern technologies allow 3D scanning via an app that will do the job for you in minutes. A service like this should use AI hardware and capture more information than just a 2D image later compiled into 3D.

  • Battery Optimizer App

How many apps run in a background mode as you focus on using a single one? As a result, they exhaust the battery and make your phone die in a few hours. Thus, a battery optimizer app will target a very specific pain point. What is more, you can easily monetize it by running ads.

  • Remember “Our” Dates

Nothing beats a partner that keeps track of your anniversaries, even if the reminder app does the job for you. Developing the app will consist of a few simple steps and shouldn’t take long: the service will be a combination of a calendar + alarm clock.

  • Stargazing App

The user takes a photo of the sky, and the application shows where the constellations are in the photo and indicates their names. Then, enable the app to tell users more about this or that star and planets. You can also add an astrological element to make the app more popular.

Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile App Ideas Development

By outsourcing mobile app development, you can reduce the time of delivering the app to market, reduce project costs, and improve app quality. For success, it is necessary to get an expert understanding of modern technologies and qualified help — a company focused on developing applications for sure has necessary experience and understanding of all processes.

Test Your App Idea With an Expert App Development Company [Devlight’s Case]

According to statistics, 80% of startups do not last more than 2 years. 60% of all product business failures happen due to the lack of product’s demand. All the other problems that led to the business or product closing account for 40%.

You, as the creator of the idea, are biased towards your product and cannot be its target audience. Your opinion should be moved to the background as soon as an idea appears. Of course, don’t be afraid to check whether others like your future app’s concept. The more information you get at the beginning of the idea’s journey, the faster the right decision about its implementation will come.

Devlight can help you test your idea before starting development. We have many successful cases behind our backs — one of them is Vodafone Mobile Neobank. Vodafone is Ukraine’s leading mobile operator, with 45 billion US dollars of total market capitalization and more than 700 million subscribers per year worldwide.

Since the client agreed on the fintech industry being quite new to them, they wanted to hear more of our suggestions in terms of what they should focus on. So, Devlight’s task logically fell into two parts:

— Market and customer research — we do everything to findserious needs and problems that can be covered by the customer’s product;

— Prototyping the app based on the data we collect in the first step and testing its viability. Presenting the project’s prototype to the client with explanations of all internal and external processes.

Step 1 — Making a Trend Canvas

We filled out the trend canvas to better understand the banking market in Ukraine, synchronize our values, mission, and drivers of the future project, define the market context in which the future product should exist, and generate the first ideas.

Using Porter’s Diamond methodology, we have prepared a large market competitor study. This step allowed us to analyze the scope of existing market players, their strengths and weaknesses.

New players who were just entering the market, their strategies for entering the market, their expectations about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, as well as about the target audience were also taken into consideration. We also analyzed substitute products that could replace our app and other services that users can start using instead of neobanks.

Step 2 — Carrying Out a Deep Competitor Research

We already had gained some information about the market and competitors, but it was time to go even deeper. We then studied competitors according to the following criteria:

— typical bank products such as rates, commissions, cashback, and loyalty programs;

— separate comparison was imposed on loan products;

— the speed of opening an account and the time spent from issuing a card to being able to use it;

— app functionality and ease of use;

— user engagement models at the base of competitor apps, their retention models, LTV, and awareness models;

— the number of application downloads, feedback, and other product indicators that we could obtain using the service.

We conducted an in-depth open-source market research of the target audience, identifying user needs, pain points, motivations, and expectations for the future digital product and prepared the next audit types:

— user profiling by socio-demographic characteristics;

— description of specific customer jobs for each individual profile;

— determination of which services currently cover certain user needs;

— user comment analysis on the pages of competitors via platforms like PlayMarket, AppStore, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram;

— analysis of the reasons for user’s opening an additional account in another bank;

— study and description of criteria for choosing a new bank (rational and emotional);

— creation of special hypotheses based on the information obtained above;

— preliminary determination of priorities of target groups.

Step 3 — Forming Hypotheses

This stage consisted of conducting 30 in-depth interviews to test, refute, or confirm user hypotheses and fell into the next tasks:

— Sorting user hypotheses;

— Creating a survey script for conducting in-depth interviews with respondents;

— Forming a database of respondents;

— Choosing a reward for interviewers for conducting an in-depth interview;

— Preparing scenarios and systematizing data, as well as development of an analytical note based on surveys.

Step 4 — Ideation Session

At this stage, we systematized the insights we gained from research and in-depth interviews.

We put these ideas on a dashboard and our task was to consider whether we wanted to implement them in the product. Also, we could come up with more ideas if needed. Each idea went through a process of discussion, brainstorming, analysis and understanding of the possibility of its implementation in the future product. This process reduced the final number of ideas to 25, which were to form the basis of the product.

Step 5 — Creating a Product’s Value Proposition. Testing the Value Proposition on Respondents

All preparatory work was completed. Then was the time to do the most important exercise — create a product’s value proposition. We took the Alexander Osterwalder framework as a basis. It is a strategic management tool for designing, testing, building, and managing products and services. Our team completely filled the right side of the value proposition canvas with the ideas we selected during the ideation session. The results of in-depth user surveys and competitor analysis were included as well.

The workshop with the client’s team lasted 5 hours. During this time, we were able to generate enough service ideas to say that the product offer was ready.

Step 6 — Creating High-Fidelity Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototype

These are often created early in the design process to communicate design decisions to the development team before the final product is coded.

We also prototyped the main screens and their possible options to choose the vector that best suited our design system. Several designs were tested by our target audience to see whether they were clear and understandable.

Final Results

We tested the idea, created a value proposition and a prototype. A pleasantly looking ergonomic design was what we got after all the previous stages of hard work and deep research.

We found a way to bring a huge telecom giant into an entirely new market based on a proven and prototyped viable service.

App Ideas for Your Startup in 2023: Summary

We have given you several examples to set a vector to your imagination. Ideas are in the air — choose the ones appealing to you based on your experience, capabilities, and budget. Finally, it would help if you asked yourself th next questions:

  • Do you want to aim at the international market or work for a specific country?
  • How do you plan to monetize the product?
  • What are you good at enough to make a cool product?
  • What resources do you have for content creation?

Trends and analytics should guide you, but you must understand the larger concept before blindly following fast-changing tendencies. After all, various narrow niches are providing good profits even though such applications will never enter the top of the most popular.

Advanced Mobile App Ideas to Develop in 2023: FAQ

What Kind of Apps are in Demand in 2023?

It will be hard to amaze anyone with an app idea in 2023. So, it is not the concept but the realization that matters. Even if you take simple app ideas for beginners but add AR, integrate several apps into a single one, and introduce storytelling into the UX design — such applications will be a hit. Generally speaking, finance and healthcare apps stay on top of ratings.

How Do You Make an App Interesting?

What Are the Most Profitable App Ideas?

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