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With a dedicated team model, you can hire a team of the most skilled and self-managed experts suitable for your IT project. They will integrate seamlessly into your IT department, master your business process, and invest all their time and resources to ensure that your project is successful.

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End-to-end Development

From the initial requirements to post-development support, we offer full-cycle mobile application development services that set you up for success. Our team of professionals will validate your ideas, create captivating designs, develop your mobile app, perform various testing, and maintain the app.

Vast Experience

With 5 years in the market and various app development projects under our belt, we have built sleek, customer-centric mobile apps that have helped our clients overcome barriers and scale their businesses. Count on us to develop high-performing mobile apps that perform as excellently as you envisioned.

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Benefits of Choosing our Dedicated Development Team

Save time and resources
Our dedicated team model reduces the time it will take to kickstart your project. All the specialists you need are readily available to start. You will not have to go through the pain of posting job adverts, performing numerous interviews, and wasting extra time on the transition periods of the specialists. Our managers can handle all the planning and paperwork, making the preliminary procedures from assembling the team to onboarding swifter and seamless.
Cost-efficient and full-cost transparency
To hire a full-time in-house developer in Western Europe or the United States can cost between $100K – $300K every year. This is excluding the cost of recruitment, onboarding, and benefits packages. However, since Devlight is located in Ukraine, we offer a large pool of highly skilled developers at better prices. Also, we provide our clients with accurate estimates without any hidden costs.
Highly Scalable and Flexible Teams
With our development team model, you will be able to scale the team up or down based on your project needs. This type of flexibility gives you the ability to overcome bottlenecks like tight schedules or a limited budget, thereby keeping your project alive until completion.
Improve your product quality
Since you will be hiring top developers from our large talent pool, it is obvious that they will help improve the quality of your product. Together with our dedicated team of developers, you can also hire product owners or project managers to help ensure timely and seamless delivery of your product.
Manage software developers
There is no mediator between you and your dedicated developers – you manage them directly. We do not interfere with your project, just monitor their performance and provide them with the necessary working conditions.
Enjoy hassle-free development
Dive into the development process while we take care of the rest. Devlight provides your team with all the necessary equipment, office facilities, and perks. Recruiting, accounting, employment, and payroll are on us as well.


According to StackOverflow, Ukraine has more than 150,000 outsourcing programmers.
Tech industry is the #1 employment destination in Ukraine.
You can hire Ukrainian tech talent at reasonable rates compared to those in neighbouring countries like Belarus, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
Clients can travel to Ukraine for up to 90 days visa-free to meet their teams in person, establish connections, and discuss the project scope.
Ukraine is one to two hours ahead of most other European countries.
1,500+ tech companies, 2,000+ startups, 110+ multinational R&D centers such as Glovo, Samsung, Phillips, Snapchat, Bolt, Reddit.
According to DOU most Ukrainian software developers have good English skills.
Only 11 holidays with paid time off.
High-class education with strong tech skills.
Simple tax system.

Who you can hire?

Software Developers
iOS, Android
Technology and Domain Experts
Android app architect, iOS app architect, Fintech app expert, Retail app expert
Management Team
Project manager, Product manager, Scrum master, Solution architect
QA Experts
Manual QA engineer, Automated QA engineer
Business Analysis Team
Dedicated business analysts, strategic planners, Process designers
UI / UX Design
UI/UX experts, graphic designers, mobile designers

Areas of Responsibility of Dedicated Development Team

  • Resource planning, development of team formation
  • Staff motivation and personal development plan
  • HR & best practice delivery processes
  • SDLC process management
  • Staff replacement and knowledge transfer
  • Provision of standard office, security and IT infrastructure
  • End-to-end product ownership, including backlog management
  • Overall product roadmap, priorities & strategy
  • Acceptance criteria & acceptance process ownership
  • Support for governance framework – feedback and review
  • End-to-end quality & delivery ownership



Discovery of Needs

At the outset of your project, we will organize meetings with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and the specific requirements of the dedicated development team. We will work collaboratively with you to establish a preliminary work schedule and deal with any other organizational aspects that arise. If necessary, we will also utilize our experience in developing similar solutions to help determine technical candidate requirements.


Recruitment of Skilled Professionals

Our recruiters implement a rigorous selection process for candidates based on the agreed-upon criteria. After carefully screening, interviewing, and filtering the candidates, our HR specialists evaluate their technical abilities, English proficiency, soft skills, and background. Once the screening process is completed, we’ll present the best-fit candidates for a final interview with you.


Building the Team

We skillfully assemble your offshore dedicated development team based on your requirements and our standards by recruiting new experts or transferring them from our other projects. You can choose to be involved in the candidate selection process or leave it completely to us. For time-critical projects, we offer 1-3 experienced candidates who can begin working immediately.


Integration of the Team

Once the deal is finalized, your dedicated development team can join your project straight away. Our team can help in communication and collaboration with your team by utilizing our proven project management practices. Additionally, we can help your in-house or third-party team to quickly adopt these practices. You’ll receive regular and comprehensive sprint reports, enabling you to adjust your strategy accordingly.


Achieving the Desired Outcome

By employing our dedicated development team, you’ll have access to a team of experts under your complete control, just like your in-house team. However, the remote nature of our team and our handling of all administrative tasks sets us apart. By using our dedicated development team, you can ensure top-quality development, quicker turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, our service will provide an excellent return on your investment.

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Vodafone is a leading Ukrainian mobile operator. It provides a wide range of services including 4G and 4G data transmission, messaging, mobile voice communication, fixed internet, and mobile TV.

Neobank & Fintech Neobank & Fintech
2500 participants of quantitative survey
40+ hours of online conferences, meetings & in-depth interviews
Dmytro Koval
Head of Financial Services Development
Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta is the largest logistics company in Ukraine, with the chain of more than 8700 branches. With the growth of e-commerce market in the form of both large retailers represented by online stores, as well as marketplaces for small and medium-sized businesses.

Logistics Logistics
15M+ installs
5M+ active users
Artem Volkhonskyi
Chief Digital Officer at Nova Poshta

Fishka is the largest coalition loyalty program in Ukraine with more than 4,000,000 customers and dozens of partner companies in various business sectors. The system is based on calculating points for transactions, which can be used to pay for fuel, for goods and services within the affiliate network.

Loyalty Program Loyalty Program
3M+ installs
100 000 active users per day
Olha Semchyk
Head of loyalty program
DOC.UA is an online medical hub that simplifies real-time access to all medical services. With their help, patients can find a doctor online and make an appointment with him at the clinic. Users have access to a database of more than 12,000 specialists and 1,800 medical institutions throughout Ukraine.

Healthcare Healthcare
350к+ installs
10 000 monthly users
Sergey Kazantsev
Our Clients

Since 6 years of being in the industry, our mobile app development company has developed over 100 mobile apps across industries. Here are businesses that trust our expertise in application development for mobile:

Technology stack

Our dedicated team in Ukraine uses modern, scalable technologies to design and create the ideal mobile application for enhanced performance and productivity of your business.

iOS App Development






Android App Development






Android Studio













AWS Cloud

Google Cloud






Key Benefits to work with Devlight

User-centric Designs

Combining best design principles and creative ideas, our UX/UI designers thrive at creating striking, user-friendly interfaces that boost customer interactions and deliver an unrivaled mobile experience. We have done it for our clients; we can do it for you.

Increased Speed-to-Market

Our proven development processes ensure we provide a timely delivery without compromising the quality of your mobile app. With this, you can get to the market faster and gain a competitive edge with mobile applications that are unique, powerful, scalable. 

Specialized Developers

When you develop with Devlight, you have access to top-scale Flutter, native, iOS, and Android developers that have the skills and experience to back up our promises to you. Whichever application you need, our experts will transform your ideas into a flawless mobile experience you and your customers will love.

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years on market
created products
users impacted
team members


Our stellar services and products have earned us a remarkable reputation and numerous awards.

Firebase contest
app winner
Top app developers in Ukraine by Clutch
Best outsource partner by E-commerce expert
Top mobile app development company in Ukraine by GoodFirms
Top mobile app development company in Ukraine by DesignRush

When we looking for a partner for our product research task, experience in similar tasks was important for us, as well as experience in the field of financial technologies. Devlight fully met our requirements, and cooperation with them exceeded all our expectations.

Dmytro Koval

Head of Financial Services Development Vodafone

Two-thirds of test users have responded positively to app prototypes, citing the platform’s ease of use and speed. Taking a Scrum approach to the work, Devlight has communicated regularly so far and acts quickly on feedback. The team takes an entrepreneurial approach the work, and they are willing to take risks

Michaël Aissaoui

CEO & Founder StarUP Communities

Devlight has a talented design team, much better than any other UI/UX mobile designers I’ve ever worked with.

Sergiej Rewiakin

Interim CTO Movinga

Our team is sincerely grateful to Devlight, who has carefully developed and launched the mobile application and helps us to improve it.

Vladimir Zadiraka

Co-founder ONE LOVE

Devlight developed an AI platform for a graduate education recruitment company. Their flexibility and technical knowledge impressed us.

Kalin Yanev

Business Unit and Research Director Advent Group


What is a dedicated development team Model?

A dedicated development team model refers to an agreement between a client and a service provider, where the latter provides a group of IT tech pros to the client to focus all their time and resources on completing your project.

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