Ihor Polych - Devlight



Hi, I am Ihor Polych. I am incredibly inspired by technologies. That’s why I decided to keep up with these events and contribute to the digital transformation – the biggest transformation in the history of the world. 4 years ago I created Devlight to make a positive impact on the world with the help of technology. Having studied the resources available, I’ve chosen a niche for mobile application development and focused on creating a unique experience between smartphone applications and their end-users. This experience is the one to determine the success of your product.

In the four years since the foundation of the company, it has become a leader in the Ukrainian mobile development market showing it’s worth to Europe. The mobile applications created by our company have been downloaded more than 12 million times, which is a fantastic indicator. The huge variety of technologies used in our products gives a number of advantages over competitors, meanwhile, the simplicity and clarity of the interfaces create a great user experience.

In fact, I am incredibly fond of what I’m doing. With that in mind, I’m offering help if you or your company decide to go digital business, build a new digital business model or just create a mobile app. All my experience and knowledge gained in the process of cooperation with major companies in Ukraine and Europe will be invested in your product and it will definitely be successful!

You know, I believe in a world of opportunities and a world of collaboration. I believe in good people and I believe that they can do great work, develop and create successful products together. If you’ve got to the end – just drop me a few sentences about yourself and what you do. It will be very interesting for me to talk to you and look for new opportunities.