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Experience yourself how we create market-disrupting products and shape the fintech landscape. Review the best practices and cases we’ve been through in our work.
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Helicopter View on the Neobank Development

Devlight is delighted to share the experience and knowledge about the creation of viable neobank products with magnetic experiences. We’ve conducted massive research to help you avoid some mistakes and make the right decisions for your business:


What you will learn

Whether you are a business owner with a newborn fintech idea or a chief technical officer starting to develop a neobank, you will find enough theory, statistics, and on-hand experience shared by practitioners of Devlight about developing a whole new level of neobank apps. Open this whitepaper to discover:

  • Quickest facts tour about main topics regarding the fintech industry.
  • 3 biggest neobanks in the world and the secrets of their success.
  • 4 absolutely different stories about neobank products being developed and launched.
  • The unique and tested neobank development schema.
  • Best practices of how to build up the architecture, select the tech stack, and write code for the neobank ecosystem.

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Review the best practices and cases we’ve been through in our work.


Experience yourself how we create market-disrupting products

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Today, we work with Forbes’s top 100 companies and build digital category leaders. With over than 6Y of mobile apps development experience, 35M of app’s installs and 50+ projects under our belt. So, let’s dive into amazing digital journey with Devlight.

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frequently asked questions

What is neobank?

Neobank is a type of digital bank that offers online banking services via mobile apps or online banking. As a part of the fintech industry, neobank is also famous as a disrupting banking project, as the services it provides change the financial habits and demands of customers. After neobank experience, traditional banks look pale compared to the conditions, prices, and services of modern fintech.

How do neobanks make money?

What is the most important stage of the neobank development?

How many people do I need to build a neobank?

What is the best way to prioritize the development of the features for the neobank?